LeadPoint looks to educate the market

Lead exchange marketplace LeadPoint has teamed up with rapid learning company Knexus to promote lead generation.

“According to the IAB, lead generation is one of the fastest growing sectors of online advertising,” said Nick Chapman, LeadPoint UK managing director. “Despite this trend, the majority of businesses in the UK still don’t know what lead generation is and how to use it. We are excited to have the opportunity to work with Knexus to help educate the market and put lead generation firmly on the marketing map.”

Knexus offers an extensive programme of live webcasts – one hour, rapid learning opportunities on important digital marketing topics. They work with a variety of industry experts to deliver targeted insights about digital marketing to some of the world’s biggest companies such as B&Q, Dell, Cadburys, Norwich Union, Shire, GSK and Shell.

Chapman and head of marketing Justin Rees will be involved in a number of live webcasts and other rapid learning opportunities. The lead generation webinars will cover a whole range of topics including how the industry works, how much do leads cost and the future of lead generation. The first Webinar can be viewed at LeadPoint’s lead generation blog.

Graeme Foux, founder and CEO of Knexus said: “Lead generation is an important and growing aspect of Online Advertising that our users want to learn about. Nick and Justin combine deep expertise and day-to-day experience working with brands in this specialist area. We’re very pleased to harness these talents to deliver quality, actionable ideas and insights for Knexus customers.”


New look for LeadPoint

Lead exchange marketplace LeadPoint has changed its user interface.

“LeadPoint is committed to making lead buying as easy as possible for intermediaries,” said Nick Chapman, LeadPoint UK managing director.

“We have launched a new user interface for all our lead buyers to simplify their lead buying experience which will give them more time to talk to customers and therefore make more money from buying leads. Every lead buyer is different and we have implemented a number of new tools to make the platform even more flexible. This includes things such as allowing intermediaries to cap the number of leads they buy on a daily basis during the week and at weekends.”

Trigold and LeadPoint unite to help brokers beat the credit crunch

Trigold, the UK’s leading Mortgage Sourcing system today unveiled an integration with LeadPoint, the world’s first lead exchange marketplace.

The unique partnership between Trigold and LeadPoint means that Trigold users can now do everything from sourcing new business to closing the deal directly from their Trigold system.

LeadPoint’s technology allows lead buyers to target the prospective customers that are right for their business. Leads are delivered in real-time and competitively priced based on performance and ratings by members of the LeadPoint community. The flexible platform allows lead buyers to manage and monitor their lead buying activity thanks to a simple user interface and full suite of reporting tools.

Trigold users will benefit from a seamless link from their preferred sourcing system to LeadPoint and gain that crucial element of speed as the LeadPoint technology delivers customer information to brokers within seconds of them submitting their details online.

David Aylmer, business development and marketing director at Trigold said: “This new partnership is a huge step forward for brokers tackling the reduction in business as a result of the credit crunch. The pressure on advisers to generate business has never been greater and now they can do this from their sourcing system. Another huge benefit for brokers using LeadPoint is that they provide a variety of different lead types and filters, including mortgage, remortgage, secured and unsecured loans and private medical with more lead types coming online soon. Technology used in this way can help advisors not just survive but thrive even in these difficult market conditions.”

Nick Chapman, LeadPoint UK Managing Director commented, “We’re delighted to launch this integration with Trigold, the undisputed software of choice for UK mortgage intermediaries. We have been speaking for some time with Trigold about the best way to deliver lead generation into the hands of their users and this integration offers a host of benefits. In these challenging market conditions Trigold is passionate about giving their subscribers the tools and technology they need to support their businesses and we’re very pleased to support this partnership and their users.”